Al Emarah Studio presents a new video release ‘Umari Army 5

Al Emarah Studio, part of Multimedia Branch of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Cultural Commission, presents a brilliant new video release in four languages entitled ‘Umari Army 5’.

This release which is no. 5 in the series ‘Umari Army’, is dedicated to Military Camps of Islamic Emirate established in various provinces of the country.

Umari Army 5 begins with a short introduction alluding to the benefits of Jihad, harms of adopting silence on enemy crimes as well as talk about the uprising of the nation against the British and their struggle of the nation against the Soviets as well as about Jihad against the ongoing occupation.

After the introduction, footage from the Military Camps of Islamic Emirate is shown with Mujahideen carrying out physical and weapons training.

The latest video ‘Umari Army 5’ with a total runtime of one hour and thirteen minutes can be viewed and downloaded in multiple qualities from the links provided below.

Telegram Link

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