New English video report entitled Sangin / په انګلیسي ژبه د سنګين په نوم ويډیویي راپور

الاماره سټوډیو په انګلیسي ژبه د سنګين په نوم په زړه پورې ويډیویي راپور نشر کړ چې نوې او په زړه پورې ویډیویي صحنې پکې راوړل شوي دي.

Al Emarah Studio, part of Multimedia Branch of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Cultural Comission, presents a new English video report entitled ‘Sangin’.

This brilliant new video report contains  information about the strategic district of Sangin, its conquest by the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate, barbarity by the foreign forces and the hirelings and the reopening of the bazaar on the first day of the new blessed campaign ‘Operation Mansouri’.

The latest release can be viewed and downloaded from the links provided below.

Telegram Link

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